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Tunnels connect our world — with mass transit, roads, water, power, underground storage and more. As our infrastructure needs grow, so do the technical demands on tunnels … for greater spans, higher pressures, longer distances and to traverse more difficult ground conditions.

Our multidisciplinary teams meet these challenges around the world with integrated environmental, engineering and design solutions.

We tunnel through complex ground conditions beneath cities, rivers, marine channels, mountains and remote regions. With a focus on managing your geotechnical, groundwater and environmental risks, we help you navigate your regulatory, environmental, design, construction and operation challenges.

From Stockholm to Sydney, let us bring our knowledge and experience in tunneling to your next project.

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"What always amazes me is the quality and depth our global tunneling teams bring to the incredible range of projects we do for our clients. It's no wonder our brand is so strong in this industry."

- Stephen Barrett, Principal, Australia

Clients count on us at every stage of a tunneling project – from feasibility assessments when the project is just a line on a page to site investigations and environmental impact assessments as the project develops. From robust and practical advice during design and construction to integrated instrumentation and monitoring solutions once operational.

We’re involved in road and metro tunnels in Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia; water supply and hydropower tunnels in Canada; and high speed rail tunnels in Europe.

In the United States, we provided the geotechnical designs for large caverns and access tunnels at the deep underground (nearly 1 mile deep) neutrino research laboratory located at a former gold mine in South Dakota. We’re even designing rock fall protection and cavern stabilization for the world’s largest wine vault located in the Rock of Gibraltar.

You’ll find that our tunneling practitioners are industry leaders in their fields with a strong focus on technical and client service excellence. That means we have worked for many of our clients on multiple projects in multiple geographies.

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