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The pace of global competition continues to pressure manufacturing, demanding faster decision-making than ever before. Yet shifting markets and governmental policies make expansion and closure decisions even tougher.

We help our manufacturing clients optimize operations and maximize plant asset values throughout the life cycle of their facilities.

Our engineering and technical teams tackle water stewardship, legacy asset management, waste treatment and contamination — and engineer innovative solutions.

Equally important are the social, environmental, health, safety, and regulatory advocacy skills we bring to achieve stakeholder approvals and regulatory compliance. These are essential to strong environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance.

We can provide you with lifecycle solutions to maximize asset values and manage risk.

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“Our experience in developing technical and sustainable solutions, supported by a global delivery network, allows for confident, informed management of environmental issues by our clients.”

- Chris Coggans, Global Manufacturing Sector Leader

We’ve helped pave the way for pharmaceutical, automobile, chemical, steel and other manufacturing plants across the globe, even expanding water harvesting in India for food and beverage and supporting land based aquaculture initiatives in Australia.

Our environmental compliance, industrial hygiene, and health and safety assessments have made it possible for major electronics and computer manufacturers to enter multiple new countries for the first time.

We also manage site investigations, remediation and decommissioning projects to successful outcomes, such as the conversion of a paper and pulp mill due for closure into a biofuel plant in Sweden.

In the United States, we recently helped transform an old aerospace manufacturing plant into a facility capable of supporting new manufacturing businesses. For others, we’ve facilitated rezoning and options for other land redevelopment plans, helping optimize income for land developers.

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