Partnering With Power for a Better World

Our world runs on power … transforming quality of life and powering progress across the globe. We help our clients bring this essential resource to every region of the world – safely and responsibly.

We’re at the forefront of the power industry’s efforts to maximize renewable energy and minimize environmental footprints.

From wind farms in Australia and Peru to solar plants in Malaysia and Italy. From power generation on waste landfills on all six continents to hydroelectric production in North America and Africa.

Our full-cycle solutions in renewables and conventional power span conception to completion, permitting to decommissioning for renewable resource management, nuclear waste management services, coal ash disposal and mitigation services as well as transmission line routing for over hundreds of kilometers.

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“Our global engineering and environmental teams in generation and transmission, renewables and remediation allow us to support you wherever you are.”

- Anthony Ciccone, Vice President, Infrastructure & Power, North America

We serve the power industry through our multidisciplinary expertise in geotechnical design, engineering, planning, permitting, risk management, remediation and regulatory affairs.

We excel at the environmental studies, risk assessment and stakeholder engagement required to gain approvals for sensitive power projects. Such as permitting a 2,100-kilometer transmission line through indigenous territory in Canada or construction of tailings dams for coal ash management.

To enhance renewables, our technical and engineering specialists are advancing innovative storage solutions for wind and solar power and the design of pumped hydro storage to transform abandoned mining facilities into pumped storage capacity.

And we’ve long been a leader in nuclear waste management and repository services for the Nuclear Waste Management Organization in Canada and across Europe.

We want to help you secure your power supplies, reduce risk and improve environmental and social performance.

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