Better Site Knowledge Brings About Better Remediation

Clients around the world depend on Golder to find a better path for environmental remediation. That’s because we bring the knowledge and expertise of over 800 professionals specializing in site investigation and remediation to every challenge.

From our global network, we assemble the exact skills needed for your project. Consultants who understand the economics of your business and the environmental risks associated with it. Scientists, engineers and project managers who can develop and implement the most effective, lowest-cost technical solutions.

Our remediation experts identify and quantify your site’s environmental composition. Assess the short- and long-term risks. Explore possibilities for continued use. And develop solutions that can minimize cost and liabilities while improving environmental conditions.

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“Our remediation experts work with our clients to manage risk, develop smart approaches, and deliver closure-oriented solutions. We embrace nature-based engineering and sustainable use of resources and soils.”

- Jean Pierre, Principal, Technical Director

Our people are pioneers in bioremediation, experts in data modeling and forensic methods, and much more.

They are also pragmatic in their approach, realizing that true solutions successfully address sustainability on all counts:  cost, health and safety, environment, societal and commercial viability.

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