Building Solid Foundations for Transportation Infrastructure

Global needs for repair, expansion and construction of transportation infrastructure are increasingly becoming more complex. So are the engineering and environmental solutions required to accommodate these transportation challenges.

Determining optimal routes, evaluating environmental impacts and understanding critical ground conditions along the routes are just some of the technical issues requiring careful analysis.

Equally challenging is the need to balance the social, economic and environmental needs inevitably associated with major roads, railways, tunnels, airports and ports.

That’s the strength of Golder: excellence in environmental science and ground engineering coupled with expertise in stakeholder approvals. Our multidisciplinary teams are able to take projects from concept to completion with integrity in engineering, design, environmental and social responsibility.

Put our expertise to work on your next infrastructure project — above or underground. And know that you’ll be building on a solid foundation.

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"We bring a deep understanding of the ground engineering and environmental challenges that infrastructure projects face. Based on this experience, our clients can have confidence that their assets can be successfully designed, built, and safely operated throughout the lifecycle of the structure."

- Lisa Coyne, Principal, Canada

You’ll find Golder’s geotechnical expertise at work in transportation around the globe … such as improving the world famous Sea-to-Sky Highway in Canada and construction of the world’s largest rail depot in Hong Kong.

We are contributing to modern transportation improvement projects, including two of the largest transportation projects in Sydney, Australia, providing ground engineering and design for road and rail tunnels to ease congestion and connect communities.

Golder is active in key committees and workshops around the globe, bringing the best science and ground engineering to the forefront of transportation planning.

Whether its roads, railways, tunnels, airports or ports, Golder’s engineers and scientists are helping plan, design and build some of the world’s most challenging transportation infrastructure.

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