Maximizing Value Through Solid Waste Management

As communities, governments and businesses seek to move from a linear to a circular economy, our engineers and scientists have been applying an advanced view to solid waste management for decades.

You’ll find our history and strength demonstrated in public and private waste sectors as well as in manufacturing, mining, oil and gas, infrastructure and power generation.

We brought a rigor to landfill design and construction in ways that became the industry standard. We’re recognized today for design in new landfill and innovation to optimize the airspace and environmental performance of old ones. We’re reducing risk and liability for legacy landfills by transforming them into valuable real estate assets.

In energy-from-waste, we lead in landfill gas resources, we deliver results in landfill gas controls and greenhouse gas reduction technology and turn solid waste into a sustainable fuel alternative.

Our clients look to us for environmental and technical due diligence to enable divestiture, merger and acquisition. Our expertise allows us to expedite permits and help ensure responsible waste management operations.

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“We provide affordable waste solutions that not only demonstrate technical and environmental excellence but also enhance the commercial viability of our clients' operations.”

- Natalie Kohler, Senior Environmental & Waste Management Lead, Africa

Whether you have solid waste, water treatment, contaminated soils, mining, flood hazard, or other mitigation needs, we deliver design solutions that align with your business. Designs that are sustainable for your business and the environment.

We understand the critical nature of the operational, engineering, and environmental conditions affecting your operations. From engineering analysis and design development to completed design deliverables, our consultants and technical specialists collaborate at every stage.

Our design work reflects this deep knowledge base and industry insight. We assess, anticipate and plan. Ultimately, we design safety into your project and management systems to reduce or mitigate the risks inherent in your operations.

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