Securing Water in a Growing World

Communities and industries worldwide are grappling with the growing imperative for water security and water resilience.

Our global water teams help provide sustainable access to water resources and protect water quality for our clients and the communities they serve.

We partner with private and government entities on water sourcing and conduct planning, permitting, design and construction of water infrastructure. We combine our skills in storm water management, flood mitigation, dam design and construction with a unique understanding of ground conditions and hydrology to produce full-cycle water solutions.

We also understand the challenges and constraints of water-intensive processes in industry and the need for integrated approaches and adaptive strategies. We routinely work with major industries such as mining, oil and gas, power, and manufacturing on water/wastewater treatment and reuse, aquifer reinjection and storage, and more. And we manage the multitude of regulatory policies and processes ever present with water.

Let us help enhance your water resilience by balancing the long-term environmental, economic and social impacts of your water use.

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“Water is part of an integrated process – surface feeds ground, ground feeds rivers – and, as such, it is an essential consideration for all project sites. Our global water practitioners work in all ground engineering applications, leveraging digital tools to solve complex problems.”

-Nicole DeNovio, Principal, Practice Leader

Drawing upon our globally connected network, we provide the right blend of specialists for your specific water challenges.

From health risk assessments and mitigation to baseline characterizations and data management, we analyze your needs and conditions to determine your water resource requirements and develop sustainable options.

Since 2009, we’ve been the technical lead for a water stewardship program in India involving 600 sites for water harvesting and quality improvement. In Australia, South Africa and Mozambique, our teams recently identified viable water sources and developed emergency water supply plans for communities facing huge shortfalls.

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