Balancing the Rhythm of Business and Community in Latin America

Jorge Bermudez

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Regional Manager, Latin America

Established in South America in 1996, Golder now employs more than 750 employees in offices throughout Chile, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and Mexico. Our teams of experts in Latin America are both multidisciplinary and multicultural, and they lead and develop highly capable professionals through the execution of projects following our global culture of service excellence.

Today, our core customer base in Latin America sits in the mining sector. These companies look to us for technically innovative approaches for challenging mining projects, and for our distinctive ability to provide an integrated environmental and engineering approach to front-end studies. We serve our clients from the early development of their projects, continuing with the design and then throughout the construction, operations and closure.

Specifically, our expertise focuses on addressing the needs and challenges in environment and social issues, permitting, mine waste management, water resources, mining engineering, and mine closure. Beyond the mining sector, we work with oil and gas, power, and manufacturing clients providing site assessment and remediation, ESIA, and ground engineering and permitting services.

After years of working in the region, we can combine our deep understanding of local cultures, expectations from communities, and regulations and permitting requirements with our knowledge of global regulations and standards of practice to bring the best solutions to our clients—essentially balancing the rhythm of businesses and communities. The Latin American environment is diverse, with specific needs in each location where our clients operate. From the local regulatory requirements in each country and province to the challenges of managing water either in extreme desert areas or high rain zones, to establishing safety factors for earthquake-prone areas based on seismic hazard analyses, our experts have the knowledge to advise investors to make informed decisions.

Ultimately, we see ourselves as a trusted partner for our clients’ developments in Latin America, supporting businesses as they strive for balanced growth in a sustainable manner.

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