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Produced Water Treatment

Trinidad and Tobago

Client Petrotrin
Industries Oil & Gas
Services Industrial Process, Wastewater Treatment/Process Engineering, Contracting /Construction Services


Golder teamed with general contractor T.N. Ramnauth & Company Ltd. in Trinidad and Tobago to design, build, own, and operate a produced water treatment plant, the first major oil and gas treatment facility for this Caribbean nation. Treated water will be provided to the oil company in Trinidad and Tobago for beneficial industrial re-use to produce steam used for reinjection to enhance oil recovery. With this approach, freshwater consumption can be decreased by over 500,000 gallons (1.9 million litres) per day.

Our Role
Golder completed detailed characterization of four sources of influent water.  Contaminants of concern were identified, including oil and grease and soluable organic compounds.  Bench testing of dissolved air flotation and biological treatment was performed to develop design parameters. 

Unit operations include:

  • Oil/water separation with CPI separators
  • Dissolved air flotation
  • Biological treatment utilizing Golder Immobilized Cell Bioreactor (ICB) technology*
  • Reverse osmosis
  • Land farming of sludges and float

Reverse osmosis after biological treatment produces the high-quality effluent for reuse in the plant's boiler systems. The byproduct stream from the reverse osmosis system is discharged to the ocean in compliance with all applicable regulations for permitted near-shore outfall.

Golder produced detailed construction documents for all facilities and provided support for bidding and selection of major equipment suppliers. During construction Golder was responsible for periodic site inspections and resolving design questions.  Wewerealso responsible for all control system integration activities including panael design/fabrication and computer systems programming. Complete commissioning services were provided and T.N. Ramnauth & Company Ltd. is operating the facility for 10 years, with Golder providing operations audits.

* Golder is the exclusive licensee in the US and Canada for ICB technology, which has also been demonstrated to be effective in other unique applications such as selenium reduction in mine waters and treatment of wastewater from chemical weapons destruction.

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