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Fuel Systems Limited

South Island, New Zealand

Client Fuel Systems Limited
Industries Oil and Gas
Services Environmental validation for the removal of underground storage tanks.

On industrial sites throughout New Zealand Fuel Systems Limited, a company responsible for underground storage tank (UST) replacement and removals, requires assistance in assessing the quality of remnant soils and the potential for adverse effects to human health and the environment from residual petroleum-related contaminants, if present.

Our Role
Golder Associates` role is to observe any visual staining of the soils within the excavation and collection of soil samples for headspace analysis of volatile organic compounds using a photoionisation detector (PID).

If necessary, direct excavation of any potentially contaminated soil based on the results of headspace analysis, and assist in arrangements for disposal at an appropriate disposal facility.

Collect validation laboratory samples once any suspected contaminated soil has been removed.

Collect all necessary information regarding site conditions to complete and submit MfE’s Petroleum Underground Storage Tank Removal Report Form.

Review relevant groundwater data.

Prepare a report outlining the tank removal and inspection methods, process, laboratory results, observations and a qualitative environmental risk assessment according to the Guidelines for Assessing and Managing Petroleum Hydrocarbon Contaminated Sites in New Zealand (Petroleum Guidelines).

Recommend further works, site management or remediation, if required.


On each project commissioned to date, Golder Associates has successfully validated the UST removal in accordance with regulatory authority requirements. Some locations required off-site disposal of soil and liquid wastes based upon site observations and field screening completed by Golder Associates. However, subsequently, validation sampling in combination with risk assessment demonstrated a successful UST decommission at each site based on the requirements of the respective territorial and regional authorities.

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