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New Environmental Regulations Ease Investments in Brazil

Brazil, South America

Client Confidential Client
Industries FIRL, Land Development, ;
Services M&A and Due Diligence Consulting, Property Development/Redevelopment, Site Remediation, Regulatory Review/Interpretation

For many years, domestic and foreign investors in Brazil faced a great deal of uncertainty over the environmental regulations they needed to meet. Most notably, there were concerns related to standards for properties where the soil had been impacted by its previous use. The lack of formal, nationwide standards slowed the rate of investment for several decades.

In the early 2000s, however, the federal government started introducing a series of more clearly stated environmental standards. They covered air and water quality, remediation of contaminated sites and other key areas. A number of challenges affected the ability to issue uniform regulations, including:

  • The wide variety of activities that make up the economy
  • The geography, which ranges from the environmentally sensitive and pristine parts of the Amazon River basin, to the large industrialised areas such as the São Paulo metropolitan area.

Our Role
Golder's professionals have found these standards, which are similar to those of the US Environmental Protection Agency, to be very beneficial in helping our clients:

  • Understand their obligations
  • Set a value on liabilities
  • Build more certainty into an acquisition or joint venture.

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