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Water Resources

Golder's multidisciplinary scientists and engineers work with municipalities and industry to develop sustainable water management systems for everything from city water supplies and hydroelectric power production to aquifer and river management.

We draw upon our 50+-years of experience in ground engineering and environmental services to the urban development and infrastructure industries to bring you innovative solutions and technologies to today's water management issues.

Our specialised water resource teams have extensive experience in raw water supply, water storage, dams and reservoirs, groundwater development, water treatment, drainage diversions, floodplain management, integrated surface water management, watershed management, water conservation, source protection, aquifer management and more. Golder's seasoned engineers and scientists possess significant expertise spanning civil engineering and biological systems to hydrogeology and sophisticated modeling of physical and climatic processes.

Water Resource Management Services

We assemble the right team to solve your water resource and management issues -- while minimizing and mitigating potential environmental impacts and gaining regulatory and public approval. Our services include:

Water Supply, Treatment & Management

  • Planning & Regulatory
  • Design &Construction
  • Operations

Environmental Studies & Permitting

  • Baseline Compliance
  • Monitoring & Assessment
  • Mitigation Design
  • Permitting

Water Management Facilities

  • Harbours, Ports, Coastal
  • Streams & Rivers
  • Reservoirs, Dams, Constructed Lakes and Wetlands Water
  • Diversions & Drainage
  • Groundwater Development
  • Pipelines
  • Hydroelectric
  • Stormwater Management

Watershed & River Management

Golder's leadership in design, engineering and environmental services for establishing water capacity and supply systems worldwide comes from our significant global footprint, strong local presence and comprehensive service capabilities -- housed all within one company.

Urban Development & Infrastructure Expertise

Please see these additional primary services offered by Golder for sustainable urban environment and infrastructure development worldwide:

Global Network, Local Solutions.

With Golder, you have access to a global network of over 8,000 professionals located in 180 offices on six continents. Team collaboration through shared electronic work spaces, central databases and mobile workforces facilitates continuous technology and knowledge transfer.

Golder's client-focused approach assures that you have an integrated, multidisciplinary team dedicated to meeting your objectives on schedule and within budget.

Explore more about our services and other capabilities in your area and around the globe.

For more information, contact:
Simon Aldrich (London, UK)
Tel: [+44]7 825 855 066

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