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Construction Materials

Golder brings over 50 years experience in soil and rock mechanics, ground engineering and environmental services to your construction materials operations. From securing sustainable access to raw materials to the protection of biodiversity, water, health and safety, we understand the technical, environmental and social challenges regarding resource extraction, project development and remediation.

Golder's multidisciplinary teams offer experience in diverse terrains across six continents for industries such as cement, aggregates, concrete/ready mix, asphalt, brick and other building materials. Our product experience is equally diverse and routinely includes dolostone, graywhake, sandstone, granite, shale, silica sand and others.

Whether it's due diligence programs, environmental impact assessments, product performance testing or new product design, Golder brings valuable technical and analytical skills to your project team. In addition, our media-trained, stakeholder engagement professionals help facilitate essential meetings and communications with your various regulatory and community audiences to achieve sustainable solutions.

Golder’s specialized services are available to help construction materials clients in the following areas:

Access to Resources

Securing sustainable access to raw materials including resource location, quantification, extraction and transportation for building materials such as cement, aggregate, shale, and others as well as fuel sources such as coal

Alternative Fuels & Power Generation

Engineering and environmental services to evaluate and implement alternative fuels, renewable energy and improved power generation technologies in the construction materials industry

Biodiversity & Water

Preservation and rehabilitation of biodiversity & water resources on natural, distressed and industrial landscapes for construction materials operations worldwide

Health & Safety

Health and safety management systems and services, including job safety analysis, risk assessments, compliance audits, exposure monitoring, training, industrial hygiene and ergonomics

Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestments

Merger, acquisition and divestment support services, including environmental due diligence and liability assessment, resource and reserve estimates, and assessment of health and safety risks

Research & Development

Lab testing, product performance assessment, chemical analyses, new product design and software design to help improve product quality, conserve resources and achieve greater sustainability

Stakeholders, Media & Society

Stakeholder engagement, media-trained professionals and social management services; risk assessments; 3D visualization modelling; and decision analysis software tools to support sustainable development


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