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Engineering Services

Founded in 1960, Golder quickly became an industry leader in ground engineering, soil and rock mechanics and environmental services for the mining, manufacturing, power, oil and gas, urban design and infrastructure industries.

We offer fully integrated geotechnical, civil and environmental engineering services for such construction projects as tunnelling, pipelines and solid waste management systems. In addition, design and construct services include dams and reservoirs for water supply, containment, flood control and hydropower needs.

During your project, you can rely upon Golder's specialists for essential technical services such as construction materials testing in Golder laboratories; onsite inspection, monitoring and testing; instrumentation services; and pre- and post-construction surveys.

Ground Engineering

Integrated geotechnical engineering services, including planning, investigation, geotechnical design, construction support, and consultancy for industry and government worldwide

Construction Materials Engineering, Testing & Instrumentation

Construction materials engineering, testing and instrumentation services, including soil, concrete, asphalt and aggregate testing; pre and post construction surveys; construction quality assurance/quality control; instrumentation; and monitoring


Services in structural geology, engineering geology, hydrogeology, and soil and rock mechanics providing site investigation, feasibility, testing, design and construction services for ground stabilisation, underground excavation and tunnelling

Pipeline Systems

Pipeline engineering, environmental planning, route selection and permitting services

Dams & Hydropower

Feasibility, permitting, design, engineering, environmental, construction and rehabilitation services for dams and reservoirs serving water supply, containment, flood control, and hydropower needs

Waste Management

Landfill design, solid waste management planning, recycling and organics management, environmental permitting and licensing services, public and stakeholder consultation, leachate management, landfill mining, rehabilitation and remediation

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