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Environmental Management & Compliance Services

Developing sustainable solutions requires immense expertise in environmental science, human health, safety, public participation and regulatory compliance.

That's where Golder's environmental management & compliances services group can help you. Our specialised scientists, engineers, health and safety professionals, regulatory expertise and public liaisons provide you with the depth and breadth of skills needed for success.

You'll find a closer look at our environmental management & compliance services here:

Atmospheric Services

Air quality science and engineering services including environmental impact assessments, modelling, meteorology, acoustics, noise, mitigation controls, regulatory compliance and more.

Environment, Health & Safety & Industrial Hygiene

Certified safety professionals, industrial hygienists, hazardous materials managers, professional engineers, scientists and industry specialists deliver environment, health, safety and industrial hygiene services.

Human Health & Toxicology

Human health and ecological toxicologists, public health specialists, geochemists, hydrogeologists and environmental engineers assess and manage toxicology, chemical and contaminant risk issues

Energy, Carbon & Climate

Scientists and engineers collaborating to identify energy use through traditional and renewable energy production technologies and enhanced energy management systems addressing carbon emissions and climate change.


Environmental baseline studies, site investigations, impact assessments, planning, permitting and stakeholder engagement services for new and existing sites, facilities and land development.


Sustainable design and engineering of infrastructure projects, sustainability management system development and implementation, sustainability performance assessment, sustainability evaluation and decision analysis services.

Contaminant Site Investigation & Clean Up

Environmental site assessments (ESA), risk assessment, hazardous materials monitoring, mitigation, remediation, decommissioning and demolition services for contaminated sites and facilities.