Golder Highlights Lessons from South Africa in Overcoming Cumbersome Administrative Burdens

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Mining companies will sometimes need to overcome prolonged administrative problems in countries with ambiguous application procedures. In particular, where legal frameworks are unclear, or cumbersome in practice, companies may need additional assistance to ensure delays don’t lead to adverse results or threaten project completion.

South Africa, in particular, presents a strong example of this as it has developed water legislation, but the implementation of this remains a big challenge. Riana Munnik, Integrated Water & Waste Management Planning Division Lead for Golder Africa, discusses how lessons in applying for water licences in the continent’s second largest economy, can be applied across the sector.

Golder has worked alongside a leading mine operator to address the grey areas in applying for a water-use licence in South Africa, applying a risk-based guideline approach supported by the South African Department of Water Affairs (DWA). Furthermore, Golder collaborated with South Africa’s Water Research Commission to spearhead the development of a South African mine-water atlas to provide a definitive guide to the extent of mine-influenced water in the country. Lessons from these initiatives provide insight into application submission processes and working alongside government departments which are invaluable to operators looking to overcome administrative burdens across Africa.

This article first appeared in the Mining Journal on August 8th, 2014.

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