How to Best Supply Power to Mining Operations

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Mines can often be at the very end of a grid network and are therefore susceptible to power fluctuations. Certain countries and regions where mines are located are also more at risk of power outage due to bad weather or natural disasters. Thus, power solutions are becoming even more innovative with hybrid solutions and mine-wide contracts now on the table.

In this International Mining magazine feature on extractive power, Golder Associates and other leading consultancies discuss the issues associated with power provision to mines in challenging regions, new innovations that reduce the reliance on grid connections and result in more cost effective operations.

Bryan Pullman, senior mining engineer at Golder, is one of the experts interviewed and highlights the importance of a diversified power supply to remote mining operations. While operators typically rely on diesel generators during construction and development, more consideration should be given to alternative energy sources, Bryan argues.

He explains that camp developments can use geothermal and hydroelectric energy as viable options for the provision of housing heating and cooling, and that solar energy in desert regions may also serve as a suitable energy source for low voltage site power applications. Bryan also highlights the importance of reviewing power options at an early stage before expensive commitments to installing connections to the national grid are put in place.

Read the full article published in International Mining magazine.

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