How to Build a High-Trust, Innovation-Friendly Business Environment

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In today’s economy, being able to innovate is one of the keys to success for individuals and companies. Sixty years ago, when there was just one Golder office located in Toronto, it was easy to walk down the hall to share ideas and build new solutions for the issues our clients were facing. But what does innovation look like in a company of several thousand people in hundreds of locations spread around the world?

It’s an obstacle that every organization—no matter the size—must tackle. How do you inspire collaboration between professionals with many different skill sets? Is it possible to encourage collaboration and mentoring in an ambitious and intellectually challenging field? When the possibility that an idea from one group might be exactly what is needed to solve a problem somewhere quite different, how can an organization break down barriers between disciplines?

How to embed innovation in an organization

If you want your team to innovate, you’ll need to do more than just ask for it. You’ll need to create an environment of trust where team members feel reassured that, if they express interest in taking a risk to develop a new technology, or use an existing technology in a new way, their ideas will be welcomed. A high-trust, innovation-friendly environment requires the following elements:

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