Hydropower: A View from Turkey

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Emerging markets around the world face an immense growth in energy demands, and hydropower is experiencing a renaissance as the world looks to power economic development with reduced carbon emissions. As a growing economy of increasing prominence, Turkey’s energy demand is expected to increase by more than 90% over the coming decade. The country has vast renewable energy potential and the government ambitiously aims to provide a third of demand from renewable sources by 2023. Notably, hydropower is now the country’s second largest domestic energy source after coal – and the capacity is quickly growing.

In this article from Water Power Magazine, Serhat Demirel, Business Development Leader at Golder Associates, Turkey, argues that companies who want to profit from hydropower developments must appreciate local conditions and understand the geotechnical and regulatory risks involved. Both in Turkey and elsewhere, the risks for water power projects range from geotechnical issues to environmental permit applications. These need to be addressed in order to succeed with a project. Importantly, many of the risks vary depending on whether operators are expanding existing facilities or starting projects in new areas. Balancing environmental, economic and social issues can be challenging, but emphasising sustainability throughout a project will leave all parties better off.

Demirels article argues that with the opening up of the power market to private developers, companies with access to knowledge of local regulations and geological conditions get a head start in the race to take advantage of water power. Water Power Magazine is a key hydro title with a broad European readership, and this article highlights Golder’s expertise on hydropower all across Europe, as well as raising the profile of Golder’s Turkey office.

You can read the full article here.


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