PFAS Trends and Outlook: What’s Now and What’s Next

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Stefano Marconetto Member Name

Senior Environmental Engineer, PFAS Global Practice Leader

Golder’s Stefano Marconetto, PFAS Global Practice Leader and Archana Kukreti, Senior Consultant, were recently interviewed by the Environmental Business Journal for their 2019 Remediation & PFAS special edition. In their interview, Stefano and Archana discuss some of the trends they see in remediation in the U.S. market and their global perspective on PFAS regulatory landscape, remediation challenges, and future treatment opportunities.

The following is an excerpt of the interview, from the Environmental Business Journal.

Besides the attention that has been brought to emerging contaminants, what are some of the biggest changes you have seen in the remediation segment over the last couple of years?

We see more and more contractual risk transfer, some of which is uninsurable. We also see a tendency to bundle sites into larger bidding portfolios to leverage the variations in quality and site conditions. Furthermore, the evolving regulatory scenario with respect to site closures, especially with regards to emerging contaminants, is forcing the continued need for remediation and further investigation at sites.

What customer types have been the most responsive in 2019 and what are you expecting over the next couple of years?

All the sectors we service have grown for us, whether due to increasing our market share, or an overall increase in the size of market.

In which areas of the country do you believe that the remediation sector has a higher potential?

We see potential across the U.S. due to the wide range of client sectors and locations requiring remediation services, however the coastal regions tend to be most active.

Click here to read the full interview from the Environmental Business Journal (PDF Download).

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Stefano Marconetto Member Name

Senior Environmental Engineer, PFAS Global Practice Leader

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