Remote Mining Sites: Golder’s Advice to Operators

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As more accessible mining reserves around the globe diminish, projects are increasingly moving to remote regions. This brings its own set of challenges for mining companies to overcome in order to ensure successful, safe and profitable operations around the clock in tough conditions.

In this International Mining magazine feature on remote mining sites, Golder Associates and other leading consultancies and mining companies share their expertise on the essentials when setting up mines and the necessary infrastructure in remote regions.

Bryan Pullman, senior mining engineer at Golder, is one of the experts interviewed. He discusses some of the work that Golder has carried out in a variety of locations worldwide. Bryan emphasises that the key to successful operations is early planning, early assessment and early consultations. This forward thinking approach allows operators to train and protect personnel for harsh climate work and to thoroughly review all power and water supply options in remote regions, thereby foreseeing any surprises when carrying out the latter stages of projects.

Bryan also stresses the importance of carrying out a robust Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) to better understand the impact of projects beyond the initial potential of the mineral deposit. Large mining operations have a significant impact on local communities in the surrounding areas with heavy trucks on local roads, which transport minerals and equipment to and from the site, causing significant damage to the structural integrity of the road and causing a big strain to the communities living next to it.

Read the full article published in International Mining magazine.

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