Sustainability Perspective: A Singapore Focus

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Our Hannah Hamling, President Asia Pacific, recently spoke with Global Business Reports, Singapore Chemicals 2018 Edition. From industrial hygiene practices to geotechnical engineering, Hannah highlights our involvement in the Asia Pacific region, working with clients in ASEAN to further their sustainability practice, and the vital role Singapore plays in a global market.

The following is an excerpt from the Global Business Review journal.

Can you introduce our readers to Golder’s operations in Singapore and the region?

Golder is a global employee-owned company providing consulting, design and construction services in engineering and environmental management. Our footprint in the Asia Pacific region includes Singapore, China (Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai), Indonesia, India, Kazakhstan, and Mongolia. Golder provides a diverse range of services to meet our clients’ varying needs including: environmental management, contaminated-land investigations and remediation, risk assessment, pollution-control studies, industrial hygiene, waste and water management, as well as specialized geotechnical-engineering services.

We have a significant presence in Singapore, working with a number of Jurong Island’s chemical manufacturers providing industrial hygiene services and health and safety assessments to members of the Singapore chemical industry, meeting their high standards for employee health and safety and helping them to develop world class industrial hygiene practices.  In providing services to this industry, Golder develops holistic programs and undertakes risk assessments, working to optimize management systems. Golder also leverages our regional and global expertise to carry out contaminated land site investigations and remediation programs, as well as mobilizing our strong local geotechnical engineering resources for major transport infrastructure projects.

When compared to the other APAC jurisdictions, how would you compare Singapore’s approach towards sustainability?

One would expect Singapore to have difficulty in sustainability due to shortage of water resources and a relatively small, limited land mass. However, the people and government of Singapore have been innovative in their approach to developing a sustainable city and educating its people on their carbon footprint. It’s moving away from its reliance on hydrocarbon fuels to more renewable energy. Much of this success can be attributed to a drive in Singapore to create an awareness, and an ownership, within its citizenry. Compared to other countries I have visited in Asia Pacific, Singapore is advanced in its public sustainability education—it’s impressive and a role model for other countries in the region and around the world.

The investment in public transport will also play a significant role in lowering Singapore’s carbon footprint. Golder is working with clients in ASEAN to bring increased clarity and to account for carbon in construction of, infrastructure and buildings developments as it relates to geotechnical engineering projects. Our main role is to work with Singapore-based clients to innovate on design and provide alternative lower carbon solutions in infrastructure builds.

What is your vision for Golder in Singapore for the coming two to three years?

It is an exciting time for Singapore as it further embraces Industry 4.0 Technologies, especially automation. There is a desire from the EDB to bring more industry into Singapore, and its aim to upskill workers through the SkillsFuture Framework will be integral to this. Golder is committed to the Singapore market. We will continue to diversify by leveraging our great pool of talent, continuing to develop these resources, and grow our business in Singapore and the other ASEAN countries.

Click here to read the full report from Global Business Review Journal.

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