Art Exhibition Opening This Week: Turning Digital Geology Into Art

The art exhibition Turning Digital Geology into Art: an underground journey into Melbourne’s arts precinct, a collaboration between global engineering and consulting firm Golder and Testing Grounds, opens to the public this Wednesday, 21 August for two weeks.

Building on geological data and samples from geotechnical investigations undertaken at Testing Grounds on behalf of client Development Victoria to assess the site for future development, Golder’s experts have adopted the latest digital engineering tools to develop 3D models to present the geology of the site, turning them into art to showcase how the geology of Melbourne’s arts precinct evolved over the last 3.5 million years. The main model has been 3D-printed and will be featured along geological core samples, multimedia and other pieces providing information about the site.

Melbourne artist and designer Tarryn Handcock responds to this fascinating geology with a fashion practice that explores dressing at an urban scale, and will be populating Testing Grounds with soft rocks, faux minerals, precious dust, and plastiglomerate propositions for the new geological age. Testing Grounds’ own landscape architect Louella Exton is also responding to the geological data with collage and two-dimensional works.

“We’re delighted to be collaborating with Golder in such a creative way to educate the public on the amazing geology of our site, the arts precinct and the city of Melbourne, and to support established and emerging local artists,” says Testing Grounds Project Director and Curator, Arie Rain-Glorie.

Andrew Russell, Principal and Regional Leader at Golder in Victoria, said the 3D model produced by the firm presents the geological history of the arts precinct from about 3.5 million years ago. “The Testing Grounds site geology is quite complex and it’s unusual that a 3D ground model with this level of detail can be developed for many projects,” explains Andrew.

“Melbourne’s arts precinct is unique given the level of historic borehole information available as a result of geotechnical investigations undertaken by Golder in the area since 1969, so we’re thrilled to be able to showcase our technical excellence as art, support the arts community, and help educate the public.”

Golder has been operating in Melbourne for nearly 50 years, helping clients manage geotechnical challenges of designing tall buildings, roads, railways, tunnels, airports and ports, and delivering environmental services for clients across multiple sectors.

Golder’s exhibition Turning Digital Geology into Art: an underground journey into Melbourne’s arts precinct, is open from 21-30 August at Testing Grounds. Access is free of charge.

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