Celebrating World Soil Day: A Chat with Golder Ecologist, Cecilia Amosso

What kind of work does an ecologist really do? What can we learn from studying the soil beneath us? To find out, join us for a look at the adventures of a member of Golder’s terrestrial ecology practice, Cecilia Amosso.

Cecilia is an Ecologist and Project Manager based in Golder’s Turin, Italy office. Educated at the University of Pavia in Italy, Cecilia holds a master’s degree in Sustainable Management of Natural Resources. Her career with Golder began in 2012 in the Calgary, Alberta office. Cecilia moved back to Italy shortly thereafter and continued to collaborate with Golder’s global offices conducting flora and habitat surveys in various regions.

Cecilia’s top three career highlights have taken her all over the map:

  • Conducting a large-scale salvaging and translocation plan for endemic flora species on top of a 2000m extinguished volcano
  • Encountering a bear while conducting field surveys in Canada
  • Presenting her work with Golder at the inauguration of the academic year for the University of Pavia Natural Science Program

Earlier in her career, Cecilia volunteered with the Millennium Seed Bank in the Useful Plant Project (UPP) in Botswana. The aim was to conduct scientific research while realizing sustainable development and poverty alleviation in rural communities of the Kalahari Desert.

When asked “why do you love working at Golder?”, Cecilia’s response was the numerous opportunities to work on international projects that provide the chance to experience incredible places and cultures, and to collaborate with Golder colleagues and local experts.

“It is always great to see that despite our differences, we all understand each other when we speak the same language. Science.”  Cecilia Amosso

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