Golder Announces 2018 CEO Safety Award Winners

Each year Golder recognizes excellence in health, safety, security or environment (HSSE) behaviors by an individual or team that best illustrate our health and safety culture and our values. The program recognizes those who lead by example in proactive measures, responsive measures and care for our future.

Nominations for recognition spanned the globe, demonstrating that while our communities, regulations, and work may have local differences, we have a common goal in safety. With finalists from Australia, Canada, China, Italy, New Zealand, and the US, safety unites us all in a common imperative and as such we continually strive to improve.

“Fundamental to our success in the area of HSSE is the demonstrated visible and felt leadership that engages our colleagues, sets the right example,” said Dr. Hisham Mahmoud, Golder’s Global President & CEO. “I am proud to recognize John, Amy and Krystle-Rae for their leadership.”

Proactive Measures

Recognizing the development, implementation, and post-activity assessment of controls designed to ensure the health, safety, and security of our people and others, and protection of the environment, while undertaking our work.

AWARD WINNER: John Martinez, Denver CO

As the Site Safety Supervisor for groundwater treatment at a former mining site in rural New Mexico, John oversees 20 full-time staff working on 24/7 rotating shifts. The team is routinely involved in high-risk activities and have successfully operated without injury for the duration of the assignment.

John credits this success to managing safety proactively and focusing on the human element. “Human behavior is the variable in any safety plan,” John said. “You have to address this in every situation. In a 24/7 environment, creating a behavior-based culture of safety is critical. We drive ownership down through the team, with an open-door policy for concerns.”

The advanced safety culture on the site has impressed our client to such an extent, that elements of our program have been adopted as best practice across multiple teams and sites within their business.

Responsive Measures

Exemplary actions taken by employees, in the course of work-related activities, to respond to events that were unforeseen, and might have endangered, or were endangering, the health, safety, security of our people and others, or the environment, regardless of the cause.

AWARD WINNER: Amy Suto, Auckland NZ

Amy’s quick response to observing smoke near a terminal on an oil and gas site kept the on-site personnel safe and led to recognition from our client, securing her win for the Responsive Measures category.

Amy’s sustained dedication to promoting the full range of safe behaviors that create a culture of safety has also prepared her and her colleagues to think on their feet and respond quickly and wisely to changing conditions on site.

“Paperwork alone isn’t going to stop you getting hurt,” Amy said, “It’s more important that people have the right mindset.”

Care for our Future

Highlights actions in the course of work-related activities from an individual or a team demonstrating overall care through significant investment in mentoring, coaching and instruction (distinct from company-sponsored training) for our colleagues or subcontractors in the area of health, safety, security and the environment.

AWARD WINNER: Krystle-Rae Biram, Brisbane AZ
Krystle-Rae goes above and beyond when it comes to safety.

“I have always felt empowered at Golder for safety,” Krystle-Rae stated. “I have a deep and abiding interest in HSSE to be safe myself and keep others safe.”

Krystle-Rae regularly trains staff one-on-one, in addition to their Golder training, to create a safe and trusting environment and one in which they can receive detailed and personal answers to their questions regarding safety.

The committee was struck with Krystle-Rae dedication, particularly that whenever she identifies a gap, she takes personal initiative to implement training, because she cares for the future of the team.

With an attitude of “we can and MUST do better,” Krystle-Rae stood apart for her caring for her colleagues and our business.

Congratulations to all our nominees, finalists and winners.

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