Golder Authors Selenium Water Treatment White Paper

A white paper capturing the State-of-Knowledge on Selenium Water Treatment Technologies, was released by the North American Metals Council’s Selenium Working Group (NAMC-SWG) as authored by Golder. This is the second technical addendum to the white paper on Selenium Removal Technologies that was developed by the NAMC-SWG in 2010. This recent report explores implemented technologies for the treatment of selenium associated with industrial activities.

Although selenium is naturally occurring, industrial activities can concentrate it to levels that require treatment for the protection of surrounding groundwater and aquatic life. The treatment of selenium can be a challenge, one that industry has been grappling with for decades. The NAMC white paper brings together the current state-of-knowledge on implemented technologies, reviewing advantages and disadvantages as well as costs, and provides a realistic picture of what is currently achievable and proven in the field.

Understanding which treatment options are currently proven — versus emerging ones that have yet to be proven ­­­­– is a critical factor in not only meeting regulatory guidelines for existing operations, but also determining the economic viability of new projects.

For more information on selenium water treatment contact lead author Tom Rutkowski. The full white paper can be downloaded here or accessed on the NAMC website.

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