Golder Celebrates National Aboriginal Day!

We are proud to celebrate National Aboriginal Day with our Indigenous partners across Canada. Meet Dean Janvier, President of Haneshe LP, Golder`s newest Indigenous partnership. Based in northeastern Alberta, the company provides environmental and engineering services to the oil and gas, mining and infrastructure sectors. Haneshe is a Dene word symbolizing the renewal of life. We asked Dean to tell us about his background and what inspired him to create an environmental services firm based in his home community of Cold Lake First Nations.

Q: Why did you create Haneshe LP?

We are in a moment of great transition in this country with respect to the rights of Indigenous peoples. The attitude and tone of relationships are changing. All of us are looking for ways to create new partnerships and new ways of working together that are mutually beneficial. I believe that by building on these new developments, and bringing innovative approaches to the way we engage with the environment, using traditional knowledge and the expertise of Indigenous peoples where they reside—this will create a much more organic and positive relationship between ourselves and environment. That’s why we chose the mission “creating new beginnings in the land and its peoples.”

Q: How does Haneshe work with Indigenous communities?

We believe it’s very important to recognize the potential of Indigenous communities and peoples wherever we work. First Nations communities are demanding to participate in resource development projects from beginning to end, including reclamation and remediation work. Communities are looking for reliable, honest, capable partners, who have respect for their relationship to the land, and their culture and traditions. They want partners who will engage with them in a real way, develop capacity, and leave a positive legacy in the community from each project. This is something that Haneshe is absolutely committed to doing everywhere we work.

Q: Why did you choose to partner with Golder in this new venture?

I chose Golder as my partner because they are well known for the high quality of services they provide clients. I want to ensure that Haneshe is also known for providing high quality environmental and engineering services.

Golder is employee-owned, and is driven by more than just profit—it’s also driven by a mission to serve the long-term needs of the planet, and that’s something that really attracted me to the company.

Q: What does the company mean to you personally?

When I see all the changes in the environment that have been created by industrial activity around in Cold Lake First Nations where I grew up, that concerns me. I realized someone would have to take initiative to restore the land. It was my dream and my goal to create a company that brings together the best of technical expertise with the traditional knowledge and environmental expertise of my people, the Dene Suline. Our job is to restore our land to the best of our ability, and of course, after that, Mother Nature will do the rest.

For more information about Haneshe LP and its services, contact Dean Janvier.


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