Golder Trust for Orphans Borehole Project Helps Community Crops Flourish

Elephants are beautiful creatures and need a lot of food to eat! Unable to resist the ample fruit and nuts grown by local farmers, they completely devastated farmers’ crops who were already struggling to make a living in a small village a few hours outside of Blantyre, Malawi.

However, thanks in great part to a GTO borehole project, our NGO partner Chikuluma Mission, were still able to plant and harvest various crops including 700 mango trees, 700 macadamia nut trees and 200 avocado trees.

The crops grew well and when harvest time arrived the community members who had lost their own crops due to the elephants, pitched in to help during harvest time. In most places getting paid “peanuts” is not a good thing, in this case everyone who helped in the harvest was paid with part of the crops.

We are grateful we could contribute our hydrogeological and engineering expertise to help the community flourish.

The project also currently cooks for a 130 people a day – this includes school children and people working on the project. Several other building projects are ongoing, including a fence around the mission (for the elephants), setting up a health clinic, and drilling an additional borehole.


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