Providing Guidelines to Industry Around Landslide Management

The pipeline industry faces increasing technical challenges from landslide hazards, as well as regulatory agencies and the public. With several landslide related ruptures of pipelines happening across the eastern United States in the last decade, it is imperative that these challenges are effectively addressed.

In an effort to better manage and mitigate the risks, Golder has collaborated with Geosyntec Consultants and the Center for Reliable Energy Systems (CRES) to develop Guidelines for the Management of Landslide Hazards for Pipelines. Released by the Interstate Natural Gas Association of America (INGAA) Foundation, this guidance document is the result of a Joint Industry Project with sixteen pipeline operators that brought together a specialized team of Engineers and Geologists to provide a framework for proactively managing landslide hazards along pipeline systems.

With landslides a constant challenge for pipeline operators, this will help them to more consistently identify, characterize, mitigate, and monitor actual and potential landslide hazards. In addition, it provides the guidance to perform fitness for service (FFS) assessments of pipelines affected or potentially affected by landslide movement.

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