Responding to the COVID-19 pandemic

At Golder, our priority is to protect the safety and health of our employees and their loved ones and provide a safe working environment. We are sensitive to the growing concerns of our employees, clients, and community stakeholders related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Today we are sharing the steps and actions we are taking as a company to respond to this dynamic and evolving situation.

We are following recommendations by the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and taking measures to reduce potential contact between people and practicing good hygiene, self-protection and self-monitoring.

While virus transmission in shared environments is not new, many of our clients provide essential services and work on critical infrastructure and must continue to operate. They are facing increased concerns regarding how to keep their people safe and their businesses running.

What can Golder do to help?

Golder’s team of Industrial Hygienists, Toxicologists, Safety Professionals, EHS, and EMIS software professionals have the experience and knowledge in developing programs and protocols to help employers prevent the spread of microbiological pathogens in the workplace, including SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

We are already supporting clients in the rapid implementation of COVID-19 solutions that can help with contingency planning and business continuity. Golder is actively assisting clients to identify business risk and continuity planning options.

Questions to consider

Planning for what you need to have in place to be flexible to the changing conditions should be part of your self-assessment. The questions below will help you think through your current process to see if there are opportunities for improvement or ways to leverage techniques and/or technology.

1. Risk Assessments – Are you managing the risk to your employees and businesses regarding COVID-19 and if so, how? Are you able to document the assessed risk?
2. Medical Surveillance and Occupational Health – Are you monitoring the health status of your employees and vendors while operations continue and if so, how?
3. Incident and Event Management – How are you addressing a COVID-19 case, or an employee that shows symptoms? What are your plans if local agencies require businesses to shut down? Do your work-from-home policies need to be updated or adjusted?
4. Return-to-Work – Does Human Resources (HR) need to improve your return-to-work policies? Are you able to produce questionnaires for screening and return-to-work clearances?
5. Industrial Hygiene – Do you have industrial hygiene best practices for disinfection or personal protective equipment (PPE) tracking?
6. Survey, Monitor and Inspect – Do you have teams or third-party firms inspecting, surveying or monitoring facilities and work areas?

The Golder team can customize a response leveraging your current technology or help you choose a solution that can be applied to manage critical data, processes, and other information.

Please contact us to schedule a consultation.

Andreas Wagner, CIH, ROH
Practice Leader and Principal – US
C: +1 904 305 7830

Lara Bucklew
Digital Solutions Practice Lead
C: +1 404 247 4525

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