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Accomplished women fill the Golder ranks with one of the most gender-diverse executive leadership teams in the industry—women make up 30 percent of our Board, 50 percent of our Executive Committee, and nearly 40 percent of our total workforce. In an industry where traditional science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields are dominated by males from early education through business leadership, Golder is bucking the trend.

To shed some light on this important topic, we asked some of our colleagues to share their insights on the importance of diversity, the challenges for women in technical fields and leadership roles, and more.

Amy Langhorne, Senior Aquatic Scientist and Project Director turned Board Member

Amy’s primary role with Golder is as a technical expert, Project Director, and Project Manager. She has been a member of the Board of Directors since 2014 and joined Golder in 1994.

“We’ve made a purposeful effort to remove unconscious bias in recruiting and selecting leaders, and we maintain a focus on the skills, capabilities, and passion that can take Golder forward into a strong and resilient future,” explains Amy, who is also on the Board’s Ownership and People committee. “My roles vary greatly from day to day,” says Amy. “The challenges faced by our clients, in our own business, and in the world around us are complex.  Multifaceted teams that combine broad perspectives and unique knowledge and skills provide a rich resource for tackling these challenges. Creating a culture where diversity and inclusion are valued allows us an amazing platform, centered on excellence, for our business.”

Maria Eugenia Parot, Biochemical Engineer and Consultant turned Vice President of Operations for Golder’s Latin America region

A biochemical engineer by profession and environmental consultant by experience, Maria Eugenia joined Golder in 2005 through the acquisition of her own company where she was a managing director. During her career she has worked with outstanding mentors who encouraged and supported her development.

“I’m passionate about working with teams to develop a vision and design a strategy to achieve it, generating a connection of each employee with the company purpose and goals” she says. “To build high performing engaged teams, I work to create an environment where everyone contributes and feels part of the collective success”.

Anna-Lena Oberg-Hogsta, Geotechnical Engineer and Professor turned President of Golder’s Europe and Middle East Region

Anna-Lena feels strongly that diversity is a strategic advantage. For the past 18 years, Anna-Lena has worked across all our client sectors acting as technical specialist and Project Manager and served in several leadership roles at Golder. She holds a PhD in geotechnical engineering and is a former contractor and adjunct professor at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden.

“Diversity brings different perspectives to the decision-making process. That puts us ahead of the game,” she remarks. “We need to lead as a diversified team, building consensus when possible in order to make the best informed decisions.”

Hannah Hamling, Biologist Turned Board Member and President of the Asia Pacific Region

Hannah agrees with her colleagues.

“The women on my teams pick up the complexity of the problems with regard to people management, the markets, and the strategy. As a result, I think our leadership team reaches decisions more quickly,” she says.

Based in Auckland, New Zealand, Hannah joined Golder 14 years ago through the acquisition of her own company, where she was the managing director and the only woman among five owners. She has held several leadership roles at Golder including a five-year term on the company’s Board of Directors.

Wendy Stoveland, Marketer Turned Director of Global Communications and Member of Executive Committee

Wendy joined Golder in 2016 with over 25 years of experience in the AEC industry in progressively complex marketing and communications roles. She believes diversity is a question of balance.

“Whether diversity comes from gender, culture, background, training or other experiences, with diversity in a team, we explore issues in a broader way, looking at them from a number of angles. I believe there is more richness in the discussion, and at the end of the day, I think we get better results,” she says.

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Through its commitment to diversity, Golder has built an environment that welcomes all and creates a workplace in which people thrive. Golder’s culture is built upon respect, caring, and welcoming opinions in healthy debate while we carry forward to build a stronger, more resilient future.

For more information on joining Golder’s diverse and expanding workforce, click here.

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