World Environment Day: Golder Celebrates our 2020 Sustainability Award Recipients

Each year Golder recognizes excellence in sustainability initiatives by selecting an individual or team who have delivered innovative sustainable solutions to clients, led sustainability efforts within our offices, or whose volunteer efforts have positively impacted a community.

This year we received more than 20 nominations for the 2020 CEO Sustainability Awards. This represents a 50% increase over our inaugural year of awards in 2019 and is just the beginning of our journey in recognizing and celebrating a commitment to sustainability in our work and in our communities.

Please join us in celebrating this year’s award recipients:


This award recognizes team or individual for leading sustainability efforts within our offices to improve our carbon footprint and/or demonstrate our commitment to sustainability.

PROJECT: Golder’s Johannesburg office building was certified as a 5-Star Green Building by the Green Building Council South Africa (GBCSA), a certification that recognizes sustainable buildings that feature environmentally friendly designs and functions. Despite the 5-Star rating, the team continues to look for cost-effective and practical measures to further reduce energy and water consumption in the building. This included a trend analysis and comparison of energy and water consumption over the course of two years against several factors to identify and address the main drivers of consumption.

LOCATION: South Africa

TEAM: Michael Van Niekerk (Waterfall), Environmental Practitioner, Margaretha Kotze (Waterfall), IMS Co-ordinator, Facilities and Administration Manager, Johannes Chauke (Waterfall), Filing/Library and Procurement Officer.


This award recognizes team or individual for delivering innovative sustainable solutions for our clients. The project must demonstrate measurable social, economic, or environmental benefits.

PROJECT: Golder’s UK&I Mine Waste group worked with a confidential client to develop solutions that address best use of mine waste stream, delivering a proof of concept that culminated in a large-scale field trial.

LOCATION: UK & Ireland and global

TEAM: Mark Bruton (Bourne End), Associate, Principal Tailings Engineer, Beth Irish (Bourne End), Geotechnical Engineer, James Purrington (Bourne End), Engineering Geologist, Valerie Albors Laine (Madrid), Associate, Senior Geotechnical Engineer, Wendy Pascoe (Bourne End), Project Coordinator, Alistair Cadden (Santiago), Principal, Mine Waste, Rodrigo Zapata (Santiago), Project Engineer, Riccardo Fanni (Perth), Senior Tailings Engineer, Yaurel Guadalupe (Perth), Geotechnical Engineer.


This award recognizes team or individual for volunteer efforts that have positively impacted a community where we live or work, demonstrating our caring values and leaving a positive legacy.

PROJECT: Volunteers from the community, Golder, and the Mi Parque foundation worked together in March 2020 to plant trees, plants, install grass, paint, and beautify La Fragua de Renca square.


TEAM: Rene Leyton (Las Condes), Lider GAIMS Regional, Ronald Turner (Las Condes), Associate, Gerente de Area, Juan Fernandez (Las Condes),Principal, Lider Division Mine Water, Hellen Solis (Las Condes), Asistente VP Regional, Alexandra Halliday (Brisbane), Civil Engineer, Veronica Rojas (Las Condes), Coordinador HD, Hector Perez (Las Condes), Office Manager, Hugo Izquierdo (Las Condes), Gerente Proyecto, Gonzalo Huerta (Las Condes), Lider Regional de Comunicaciones y Marketing, Cristian Medina (Las Condes), Control de Proyectos, Maria Beytia (Las Condes), Control Proyecto Senior, Marcela Lecaros (Las Condes), Gerente de Proyecto, Carla Tapia (Las Condes), Senior de Piping, Marcela Leon (Las Condes), HR Leader Chile – Argentina, Jose Fernandez (Las Condes), Ingeniero de Proyectos, Eugenio Rojas (Las Condes), Ingeniero Estructural, Veronica Larghi (Las Condes), Ingeniero de Proyectos, Rodrigo Albornoz (Las Condes), Dibujante, Rodrigo Campos (Las Condes), Ingeniero Hidraulico Junior, Daniela Alcaide (Las Condes), Ingeniero Proyecto, Fabiola Cornejo (Las Condes), Ingeniero de Proyectos, Marcela Arenas (Las Condes), Secretaria Tecnica, Diana Giraldo (Las Condes), Geologo de Proyectos.


This award recognizes team or individual for leading sustainability efforts within our offices to improve our carbon footprint and/or demonstrate our commitment to sustainability.

PROJECT: The digital project report library project was launched in Africa in 2016 to make project reports generated in Africa accessible to all Golder users electronically. The transformation to project e-filing globally created an exciting opportunity to phase out paper reports from the archive library. To date, 5,854 project reports (dated 1995 to 2020) have been captured and uploaded, and 1,989 paper copies have been scanned and are in the process of uploading. Paper copies are shredded and recycled after scanning is completed.


TEAM: Margaretha Kotze (Waterfall), IMS Coordinator, Facilities and Administration Manager, John Tshivhasa (Waterfall), Courier/Driver, Sakie Sithole (Waterfall), Finance and Facilities Administrator, Khanya Velebayi (Waterfall), Receptionist, Francina Mfete (Waterfall), Receptionist and Fleet Assistant, Johannes Chauke (Waterfall), Filing/Library and Procurement Officer, Christine Killian (Waterfall), Divisional Assistant.

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