World Safety Day: Golder Celebrates our 2020 CEO HSSE Award Recipients

On this World Day for Safety and Health at Work — whether from the field, home, or office — our work continues, and our employees remain committed to Golder’s #worksafehomesafe practices every day.

Each year Golder recognizes excellence in health, safety, security or environment (HSSE) behaviors by selecting an individual or team that best illustrates our health and safety culture and our values. The program recognizes those who lead by example in proactive measures, responsive measures and care for our future.

Nominations for recognition spanned the globe, demonstrating that while our communities, regulations, and work may have local differences, we have a common goal in safety. With entries from Australia, Canada, China, Italy, New Zealand, and the US, safety unites us all in a common imperative and as such we continually strive to improve.

This year we received a record 54 nominations for the 2020 CEO HSSE Awards. All of the entries were truly impressive and demonstrate the great progress we have made, and continue to make, towards achieving an interdependent health and safety culture.

Congratulations to the following winners:


PROJECT: Wildfire and Air Quality Response Planning
TEAM: Michelle Kampen (Roseville), Senior Engineer and Casey May (Roseville), Project Engineer.
LOCATION: United States

With annual wildfires part of the way of life in the Western US, Sacramento, California-based Michelle Kampen and Casey May recognized the need for an approach to managing both the wildfire and associated air quality risks for field staff. Together, they developed a proactive, consistent, and scalable approach to monitor fire risks and notifications and communicate with field staff in real-time, leading to not only increased check-ins but also appropriate emergency response actions.


PROJECT: Mitigating COVID-19 risk to workers and community for the 2020 summer and winter field seasons
TEAM: Exploration Base Remediation Project Team: Peter Tan (Edmonton), Environmental Scientist, Punchalee Clair (Dartmouth), Environmental Engineer, Todd Bonin (Calgary), Construction Site Supervisor, Virginia Anderson (Kelowna), Construction Project Manager, Lenz Haderlein (Edmonton), Principal, Project Director, Lisa Switzer (London), Environmental Scientist, Brian Suen (Vancouver), Construction Operations Manager – Environmental Remediation, Anita L’Arrivee (Edmonton), PN Project HSSE Specialist, Scott McLean (Vancouver), Senior Construction Engineer.

Golder collaborated with our client’s in-house subject-matter experts, local subcontractor, the Territorial Health Authority, local and regional legislators, and community members to develop plans allowing work to continue on-site while protecting the health and safety of site workers and the neighbouring community.


PROJECT: “Comité Paritario de Higiene y Seguridad” (CPHS) represents visible and innovative leadership
TEAM: Stuart Hartley (Santiago), Associate, Gerente Grupo Surface Water, Guillermo Herrera (Santiago), Associate, General Counsel America Latina, Adam Darby (Santiago), Principal, Mine Waste, Vanessa Galvez (Santiago), Coordinador GAIMS, Verónica Rojas (Santiago), Coordinador HD, Jose Yévenes (Santiago), Servicios Generales, Fernando Galindo (Santiago), Control de Documentos, Eduardo Salfate (Santiago), Associate, Gerente Grupo Mine Closure, Pablo Otero (Santiago), Geólogo Geotécnico, Juan Pablo Navarro (Santiago), Ingeniero de Proyectos, Ronald Turner (Santiago), Associate, Gerente Grupo Mineral Resources, Cristian Medina (Santiago), Coordinador de terreno.

The role of the “Comité Paritario de Higiene y Seguridad” (CPHS) is to contribute and reinforce a culture of interdependence in HSSE within Golder and work together to reduce and prevent incidents in matters of health and safety. CPHS members meet at least once a month, extending the invitation to the regional HSSE Leader and BU Leader, together with other invitees from the office staff, to review the progress in the work plan and any topics with relevant HSSE issues that need to be analyzed.


Each year, entries are considered for special recognition because they are distinctive for their leading examples of caring, integrity, or safety.

PROJECT: COVID-19 response in China
INDIVIDUAL: Ellie Chen (Shanghai), HR & Administrative Manager

Throughout the initial and ongoing responses relating to the COVID-19 pandemic, Ellie remained engaged, supportive, and insightful about staff welfare.


PROJECT: Employee Mentoring
INDIVIDUAL: Chad Mathews (Jacksonville), Associate, Senior Consultant
LOCATION: United States

Chad Mathews is known by his colleagues as someone who regularly and consistently demonstrates visible felt leadership.


Golder employees around the globe are empowered to demonstrate safety leadership by sharing Learnings in order to expand experience and improve decision making in the area of HSSE. In fact, every six minutes someone on the Golder team enters a learning into our database, and it is standard practice to begin our days and meetings discussing important safety topics. Through an environment of trust, teamwork, and shared ownership, Golder believes that all employees can be leaders in the area of HSSE, regardless of position or seniority.

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