Project Info

A Roadmap to Develop for North America’s First Carbon Neutral Brewery

Cowbell Brewery

Blyth, Ontario, Canada


Cowbell Brewery, a boutique beer producer, wanted to build North America’s first carbon neutral brewery in the township of Blyth in Huron County. Golder created the brewery’s roadmap to achieve their goal. Brewing started in June 2017 with a store and bar opening in August that same year.

The brew house has the capacity to produce 50 hectolitres per year and the owners are aiming for production of 100,000 litres in the first year. The roadmap devised by Golder defined the carbon neutral approach, estimating the projected facility Green House Gas emissions profile and evaluating the forestry sequestration potential of a recently planted stand of trees on the Cowbell property. Projected emissions and sequestration were compared to calculate net balance.

The craft beer industry is becoming increasingly competitive and a beer that comes with a credible carbon neutral claim is an interesting point of difference for consumers. Golder is helping Cowbell back up their position with science and data, which will support third party verification of their carbon neutral brewery.