Design-Build Project at Abandoned Hazardous Waste Site

Project Info

Black & Veatch

Georgia, United States


A former wood treatment operation in the southeastern US is listed as a Superfund site by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Ongoing investigations performed by the government discovered extensive contamination in the soil, groundwater and a nearby creek as a result of open dumping and accidental spills over 30 years of operation. Additional groundwater contamination had been uncovered migrating off-site, and the EPA determined that an outer barrier wall would be the most appropriate and cost-effective approach for managing the contamination.

Our Role

Golder designed and constructed a hydraulic barrier cutoff wall system, using deep soil mixing to contain migrating groundwater from going further off-site. We self-performed the construction of the barrier wall using cutter soil mixer (CSM) technology, marking the first barrier wall system of this type for a Superfund site. CSM creates rectangular columns that can be interlinked to create a continuous subterranean barrier wall.

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