Geotechnical and Environmental Services for the TransAlaska Pipeline System

Project Info

Alyeska Pipeline Service Company

Valdez Marine Terminal to Prudhoe Bay, USA


Since 1989, Golder has completed more than 150 geotechnical and environmental projects along the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System (TAPS). Our continuing involvement with TAPS extends the entire length of the pipeline, from the Valdez Marine Terminal to Prudhoe Bay, and includes projects requiring extensive knowledge of pipeline construction, facilities operation and maintenance, as well as a thorough understanding of the geotechnical aspects of frozen and unfrozen ground.

Our Role

Our work includes onshore and offshore geotechnical site evaluations, geotechnical monitoring of the pipeline and related facilities, dock siting studies, and design of temporary excavation support in remote areas. Slope stability analysis projects include analysis of soil and rock slopes, thermal modeling, and in situ instrumentation. We have carried out numerous field investigations involving drilling and sampling, geophysical surveys, air photo interpretation, waste sampling, and well installation. We have been involved in design studies that include cost estimating and specifications for thermal stabilization of embankments and slopes, underpinning for addition of basements, and replacement of hybrid pipeline supports.

Other Golder projects for TAPS include: preparing a linewide erosion control plan, developing geotechnical and hydrological monitoring and thermistor monitoring manuals, conducting slope stability surveys, delineating buried solid wastes with ground penetration radar, developing procedures to computerize, store, and retrieve geotechnical monitoring data, designing secondary containment systems for aboveground storage tanks, siting anode wells for corrosion protection, designing dewatering/filtering systems for excavations below the water table, delineating contaminant plumes, and preparing technical specifications for pipeline maintenance and new construction.

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