Haiti Earthquake Solid Waste & Debris Management

Project Info

Disaster Waste Recovery



Large-scale disasters, such as Haiti’s January 2010 earthquake, leave in their wake large piles of debris and waste materials. These wastes pose a risk to public health if left unattended, and also obstruct reconstruction efforts. Golder was tasked with helping find the best way to manage disaster-related waste in the early recovery phase.

Our Role

Soon after the earthquake in Haiti occurred, Golder assisted Disaster Waste Recovery (DWR) by deploying waste managers in Haiti to provide immediate waste support.

Having solid waste professionals involved in recovery planning early in the process helped ensure wiser decisions were made from a short-term perspective, and is also helping return the affected communities to a sustainable state in the long-term.

As a result of this initial mission, DWR is implementing a 12-month solid waste and debris project on behalf of Oxfam Great Britain using a range of Golder staff to support the project implementation.

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