Lake Charles Subtitle C Hazardous Waste Landfill

Project Info

Waste Management, Inc.

Lake Charles, Louisiana, USA


Golder has been the consultant for landfill design, engineering, and construction quality assurance at WM/CWM’s Lake Charles Facility since 1985.

Our Role

Golder has provided a wide range of engineering services including the design of RCRA Subtitle C hazardous waste land disposal units, which satisfy EPA minimum technology guidelines and include detailed calculations for the various elements of the landfill units. The design for bottom liners of the landfill disposal units included a pressure relief system; a 3-ft-thick secondary clay liner, a 60-mil HDPE secondary geomembrane layer; a geosynthetic drainage layer and leak detection system; a 3-ft-thick primary clay liner; and a geosynthetic/gravel primary leachate collection system. Golder has conducted numerous drilling programs at the facility, including one to obtain subsurface soil information in support of design of a new, double-lined hazardous waste landfill cell and surrounding slurry trench cutoff wall. We lab tested the soil samples to determine engineering parameters for the design of the RCRA landfill cell and cutoff wall.

Golder has also provided engineering and design services for construction of a hazardous waste bioremediation facility. This included geotechnical evaluation and foundation design for the facility constructed over a closed landfill cell, as well as design of the lining, leachate collection, and piping systems.

Additional engineering services:

  • Tested geosynthetic material friction angles in our lab to determine factor of safety against sliding failures
  • Performed laboratory tests of geotextile to confirm applicability as a filter to very fine natural soils
  • Performed laboratory tests of in-plane transmissivity of various combinations of geotextiles & geonets for leachate collection
  • Performed the destructive seam strength testing & prepared detailed “as-built” drawings & testing documentation
  • Performed construction quality assurance monitoring & testing for landfill disposal cells, final cover systems, and stormwater drainage systems

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