Low Level Contaminated Waste Cell No 32

Project Info

Integrated Waste Services (IWS)

Dublin, South Australia


IWS required the design and construction of a new low level contaminated waste cell (LLCW) at their Dublin Balefill. The first of their LLCW cells was designed by Golder in 2005. We also supervised construction during 2005 and 2006. Due to full capacity in the existing cell, IWS engaged Golder in 2009 to design a new LLCW cell and supervise its construction in 2010.

Our Role

Golder Associates performed the detailed design and prepared the technical specification, which included specification for the engineered fill, compacted clay liner, geosynthetic drainage net, HDPE geomembrane, cushion geotextile, leachate drainage aggregate and separation geotextile.

Golder also provided full time site supervision during construction of the:

  • Engineered fill
  • Dual clay liners and leachate detection layer
  • HDPE geomembrane liner and cushion layer
  • Leachate drainage aggregate and leachate collection pipework.

While on-site we liaised with the earth movers and geosynthetics installation contractors to successfully manage IWS’s expectations regarding construction timing, and to deliver the construction phase of the project in accordance with the technical specification and design.

To aid client understanding Golder issued Construction Quality Assurance reports at the completion of each construction stage. This ensured timely review by the Environmental Protection Agency for each stage of the works. Consequently IWS was then able to begin landfilling 48 hours after the completion of construction.

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