New Nuclear Power Station at the Paks Site, Lévai Project

Project Info

Pöyry-Erőterv Zrt. / SOM System Kft. / MVM ERBE Zrt.

Paks/Budapest, Hungary


The primary aim of the Lévai project is to carry out the tasks (licensing, tendering, base line assessment, etc.) necessary to the construction of the new nuclear power station units at the Paks Site.

Our Role
Golder was involved into the Lévai project in three different aspects:

First, Golder was involved in the preparation of the preliminary environmental impact assessment documentation, called Preliminary Consultation Document, on the following areas:

– non-radioactive waste
– surface and subsurface water (hydrology and hydrogeology)
– soil.

Golder also took part in the Site assessment process (discipline leader of hydrogeology). The aim of the mainly geology oriented assessment is the license the Site from geological suitability point of view.
Thirdly, Golder also took active part in the project aimed to ground and prepare the baseline (necessary data, investigations, literature review, measurements and evaluation) for the future Environmental Impact Assessment. Golder roles included subsurface water and geology/soil (drilling, laboratory, data evaluation, database).

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