Regina Bypass: Geotechnical Lead for Transformative Transportation Project

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Regina, Saskatchewan


The largest transportation project in Saskatchewan’s history, the Regina Bypass, is a transformative highway. Spurred in part by a high number of collisions at junctions just east of Regina, the route connects Highway 11 in the north and Highway 1 (the Trans-Canada Highway) in the South—forming a bypass around the City of Regina.

Golder was part of the project from the start, serving as the geotechnical lead for the Saskatchewan Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure’s owner’s engineer team. Golder’s significant support for the project included geotechnical services, pavement design review, concrete review, and integrated management system audits.

It’s the first transportation infrastructure project in the Province to be completed as a Public Private Partnership (P3). The $1.9 billion construction project took four years and included 66 km of four lane highway, 54 km of service roads, 12 interchanges, six intersections, and 33 bridges.

The Bypass addresses several large challenges, including growing commuter traffic and transportation bottlenecks. It improves safety, diverts large truck traffic, creates efficient traffic flow, and provides better highway access.

Construction started in summer 2015 and included three main segments to the east, south, and west of Regina. The Bypass opened to traffic in October 2019.

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