Valuing the Energy Buried in Landfills

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UK, Europe


The recovery of gases emitted by landfills for use as an energy source has become a significant business where renewable energy or greenhouse gas drivers exist. Quite often, this type of business is owned and operated as an enterprise separate from the waste disposal and landfill management operation.

Our Role

Golder adopts a three-step process when valuing this type of business. We start with valuation of the resource: determining the volume of the landfill, detecting the nature of the waste within it (including how much organic waste there is), confirming whether the landfill is capped or if rainfall is able to run through it, identifying moisture content and other factors.

The next step is to examine any gas-collection infrastructure on site in addition to the combustion technology used to convert the gas to energy. The final step is to determine the level of environmental compliance and to establish if any capital investment is needed to improve compliance.

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