Toronto Subway Moving Beyond City Border

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Main construction has begun on what is the first major expansion of the Toronto-York Subway system in almost a decade. The addition will expand service to Toronto’s York Region, which …

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Wollert Landfill


Landfill design with a composite liner, leachate collection system and cap, in a sustainable approach using available on-site soils. Our Role The Wollert Landfill is located on the northern fringes …

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Helping Show Transparency on the UK’s High Speed Rail Project

Ashley Skinner

The UK’s ambitious High Speed Rail 2 project is expected to carry passengers at up to 400 kilometres (250 miles) per hour between London and cities in northern England, creating …

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Large-Scale Slope Depressurization Program

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A multi-year project to design, construct and operate/maintain a large-scale slope depressurization program at an open pit mine. Our Role Depressurize a clay layer located within the pit wall stratigraphy, …

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