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Healthy Buildings, COVID-19, and Factors Impacting a Return to the Workplace

The need to make workspaces safe is a significant topic for employers and employees, as well as property owners and managers. Organizations are under pressure from their employees and tenants, with many asking, “What are you doing to make sure it’s safe for me to return to the workplace?” There may also be legislative requirements regarding

How Industrial Hygiene Professionals Help Keep Your Employees Safe and Healthy Insights

How Industrial Hygiene professionals help keep your employees safe and healthy

With employees focused on health and safety more intensely than before, the workplace environment and safety performance are new areas of competition among employers to attract and retain the best and brightest employees. In fact, according to a 2017 survey of 1,011 U.S. adults who work at small businesses, the safety of the work environment was among the top criteria that employees consider when evaluating a new job offer.

Golder Achieves Leader Position in the New Green Quadrant Report for Digital EHS Services Market

Golder Achieves Leader Position in the New Green Quadrant Report for Digital EHS Services Market

The recently released Verdantix report “Green Quadrant: Digital EHS Services 2020” assesses the capabilities and market momentum of leading vendors like Golder on the breadth and depth of their Environment, Health and Safety digital services. The report provides a detailed comparison of how firms use digital technologies to deliver client projects and highlights strategic success factors that demonstrate the level of market momentum achieved in the global digital EHS services market as well as the momentum of the firm’s internal digital program.

Covid Business Resilience - 2020 and Beyond

2020 and Beyond

As communities and businesses have sought help to adopt new standards, leverage technology, deliver critical services, and remain connected, Golder has risen to the challenge. Learn how we have assisted clients and communities to chart a new normal.

COVID-19, HVAC Systems and Why Good Building Management Matters

The proper operation and maintenance of buildings and facilities has become a key factor as countries around the world ease COVID-19 lockdown measures and reactivate economies. As buildings reopen to regular occupancy levels, what steps should businesses, schools, and communities take when looking to keep employees, customers, tenants, and the public safe — while also protecting the organization?

Futureproofing Your EHS Auditing Program

Futureproofing Your EHS Auditing Program

Golder’s Global Performance and Assurance Group provides custom EHS auditing solutions that are flexible and adaptable to meet client needs including the changed conditions that this COVID-19 outbreak presents.

North America

Founded in Ontario, Canada in 1960, Golder extends across Canada and throughout the US — with more than 3,500 staff and nearly 80 offices stretching coast to coast. Our core capabilities in ground engineering and environmental-related services address the myriad of our clients’ technical issues and business efficiency expectations.

Latin America

Established in South America in 1996, Golder now employs more than 750 employees in offices throughout Chile, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and Mexico. Our teams of experts in Latin America are both multidisciplinary and multicultural, and they lead and develop highly capable professionals through the execution of projects following our global culture of service excellence.


With a regional footprint spanning 13 countries and 30 offices, we deliver engineering and environmental services to a wide range of projects, supported by a cross-disciplinary team of 850 people, ready to help with the challenges in your next project.


Our world is facing complex challenges that call for innovative solutions – solutions that push the boundaries of scientific discovery and deliver essential services to people around the world. Golder highly skilled engineers and scientists provide consulting, design, and construction services in …