Testing Services

Whether it’s rock, soil, air, noise, piles or tailings, Golder has some of the most advanced laboratory and field testing capabilities in the world.

As a leader in the geotechnical and environmental testing fields, we have a network of laboratories and experienced field testing specialists across Australia, Canada, Indonesia, New Zealand, Peru, South Africa and the United States.

The extensive experience of our people and the latest technologies employed in our facilities allow us to provide timely and accurate testing results to our clients in the mining, oil and gas, infrastructure, manufacturing, government and power sectors.

Our laboratories and field testing specialists adopt the latest technology and procedures to deliver specialized rock, soil, air, noise, odor, tailings, geosynthetics, piled foundation and water testing services as well as customized testing to address design needs for specific projects, underpinned by 60 years of experience.

Learn more about our services and find out how we can deliver meaningful data to help you manage risks and make informed decisions, with confidence, during your projects or operations.

Specialized Field and Laboratory Testing Services

Get timely and accurate testing results


With a network of National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) accredited laboratories in Australia, supported by the technical expertise of our consultants, we bring decades of experience in providing specialized field and laboratory testing services to our clients.

Our specialized testing services include:

Our specialized field testing services include:

Contact us

  • Adelaide Laboratory (Geotechnical Services), Australia

    Golder / WSP (Laboratory)
    118 Franklin Street,
    Adelaide, South Australia, 5000
    Tel: [+61] (8) 8213 2100
    Grant Miller, Office Contact
    Map & Directions

  • Melbourne Laboratories (Air Quality, Noise and Geotechnical Services), Australia

    Golder / WSP (Laboratory)
    Building 7, Botanicca Corporate Park,
    570-588 Swan Street,
    Richmond, Victoria 3121
    PO Box 6079, Hawthorn West, VIC 3122
    Tel: [+61] (3) 8862 3500
    Fax: [+61] (3) 8862 3501
    Gayani Samaradiwakara, Office Contact
    Map & Directions

  • Perth Laboratory, Australia

    Golder / WSP (Laboratory)
    84 Guthrie Street, Osborne Park, Western Australia 6017
    Western Australia, Australia, 6017
    Tel: [+08] 9441 0700
    Fax: [+61] (8) 9441 0701
    Paul Kent, Office Contact
    Map & Directions

  • Pile Testing Services
    Dion Denes
    Tel: [+61] (3) 8862 3729

  • Hydraulic Stress Measurement
    Mahdi Zoorabadi
    Tel: [+61] 2 9478 3900

  • Geophysical Testing Services
    Tariq Rahiman
    Tel: [+61] (7) 3721 4830