For many years we have published our Technically Speaking newsletter to share the innovative and technically challenging projects and solutions that our professionals are involved in around the world.


Oil & Gas (#95)

Fourth Quarter

Continued growth in the demand for energy and dwindling conventional reserves has led to new oil and gas resources in some of the more challenging "unconventional" environmental and geologic settings. These include the Alberta oil sands, arctic offshore, and the dramatic emergence of shale gas and oil in North America and beyond, all of...View individual articles

Innovative Solutions (#94)

Third Quarter

Innovation at Golder is more than generating a new idea, sharing knowledge, or taking a small step forward. It's about improving a practice, a method, or a system and is one of the characteristics of Golder that has differentiated us for almost 55 years. One of the most important pillars underpinning innovation is collaboration. We encourage...View individual articles

Strategic Advice (#93)

Second Quarter

When faced with strategic business decisions pertaining to operations, facilities, or the surrounding community and environment, companies often seek external input from an independent advisor. Many strategic advisers, however, provide opinions or solutions that frequently rely almost exclusively on computer modelling and number crunching, but lack a...View individual articles

Mining (#92)

First Quarter

No doubt that 2013 has been a tough period for the mining sector, with significant pullback by the industry on project spending in commodities. In all, there has been nearly a 25 percent shrinkage in the market. Imbalances in supply and demand, with new supplies for many commodities coming on line in an oversupplied market, have depressed prices and pushed...View individual articles


Waste Management (#91)

Fourth Quarter

Consider these recent World Bank report* projections: By 2025, over 900 million additional tonnes of municipal solid waste will be generated annually around the world, and estimates call for an 80 percent increase in costs to manage this waste, reaching upwards of US$170 billion more per year. Numbers such as these point to a "global waste...View individual articles

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