When you need data collected from your remote equipment and site visits are not cost effective, GOLDERWATCH SC could be the answer. The GOLDERWATCH SC monitors parameters such as flow, level, temperature, and pressure. With its configurable variable scan rate, GOLDERWATCH SC will send more data when you need it, and conserve power when you do not. Whether you just want alarms, or to perform analyses of your data, GOLDERWATCH SC delivers.


GOLDERWATCH SC is used in numerous remote monitoring applications. When connecting to a level sensor, pressure transducer, flow meter, analyzer, or other piece of equipment with either a serial or pulse output, GOLDERWATCH SC will work for you.


GOLDERWATCH SC works on the GSM (GPRS) and CDMA (1XRTT) cellular networks as well as the Iridium satellite constellation.

Integrated Solutions

With extensive automation experience, Golder has the ability to offer GOLDERWATCH SC as a stand-alone product or as part of a complete solution. GOLDERWATCH SC capabilities allow Golder to package the product in a variety of ways including mounted NEMA 4X fiberglass enclosures, battery backups, solar power, and integrating various touch screen and HMI displays.

Service Compatibility

GOLDERWATCH SC is compatible with the GOLDERWATCH h Alert service (Link to GOLDERWATCH Alert page) and the GOLDERWATCH Web service. (Link to GOLDERWATCH Web)

How it Works

SC Communication Path 

Technical Specifications

Download Technical Specification Sheet