GolderWatch Markets

GolderWatch products are designed to satisfy remote monitoring needs across a number of markets, including instruments or equipment that needs to be monitored from a remote location.  Some of the markets Golder serves include:

Water & Wastewater

Are you relying on people to call you when the light goes on at one of your lift stations?


Stormwater management is an important issue for many industries today. What does your monitoring program look like?

Solid Waste & Landfill

Remote monitoring at landfill facilities typically focuses on monitoring leachate, methane collection and disposal, and groundwater.

Oil & Gas

Are you going to meet your production targets? How are your compressors running? What is your gas composition?

Instrumentation OEM

Are you a manufacturer of instrumentation for environmental, water, wastewater, mining, landfill, and or oil & gas instrumentation?


Download GolderWatch Web Data Sheet

Download GolderWatch Web Data Sheet