GolderWatch Services

Golder Associates offers a number of hosted services to connect to our various hardware products, whether you need simple alarm notifications or complex reporting and trending capabilities. If you already have a tool that analyzes your data, Golder can customize the output to meet your unique requirements. Golder recognizes that to get the most from remote monitoring investment, the data needs to be collected and delivered in a way that maximizes ability to use it. Golder provides its own servers and also partners with leading service providers to offer customers the best in breed services and an integrated turnkey solution.

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Golder also offers a number of options for customers that do not need hosting services and already have existing tools to utilize with Golder's hardware. These options include direct database connections, file transfers, or even implementation of custom protocols at the device level.

Learn more about Golder's hosted services:

GolderWatch Messenger

GolderWatch Messenger is a hosted alarming and alerting notification services. Golder’s hardware products can be configured to utilize GolderWatch Messenger.

GolderWatch Web

GolderWatch Web is Golder’s premium hosted service for advanced remote monitoring.