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Geophysical Investigation for the HDD Crossing, Northwestern Lake

White Salmon River, Washington, USA

Client Kleinfelder Inc.
Industries Oil & Gas
Services Geophysics

Conduct a geophysical survey for an operation involving the removal of Condit Dam and the reinstallation of a water line that crosses underneath the project reservoir.

Our Role
Map sediment thickness and depth-to-bedrock in the reservoir as well as the stratigraphy and depth-to-bedrock along the entire alignment. The methods used included seismic reflection profiling, ground penetrating radar and electrical resistivity imaging for offshore work. A precision bathymetric survey was conducted to determine the water depth along the water line. For the onshore terrestrial survey, we obtained seismic refraction data to map the depth and topography of the top of basalt bedrock, and identify potential zones of increased fracturing or weathering.

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